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Book Review: The Story of the Elephant


Author: Hajera Memon
Illustrator: Anisa Nachett
Publisher: Shade 7 Publishing Limited
Pages: 26
Level: Picture Book
Recommended for: K-8

Hajera Memon’s children’s pop-up book, The Story of the Elephant, introduces the Muslim child to one of the profound events in Islamic history. The story, like the Qu’ranic chapter, chronicles the story of the king Abraha who attempted to destroy the ka’aba. Continue reading “Book Review: The Story of the Elephant”


Book Review: Deep in the Sahara



Author: Kelly Cunnane
Illustrator: Hoda Haddadi
Publisher: Random/Schwartz & Wade
Pages: 40
Level: Picture Book
Recommended for: K-5

Deep in the Sahara by Kelly Cunnane is a picture book about Lalla, a young Mauritanian girl fascinated by the malafa, the word for hijab in the Hassaniya language. Continue reading “Book Review: Deep in the Sahara”

Book Review: My Dad’s Beard


Author: Zanib Mian
Illustrator: Laura Ewing
Publisher: Sweet Apple Publishers
Pages: 35
Level: Picture Book
Recommended for: K-8

Beard lovers everywhere, here’s a children’s story you are sure to love! My Dad’s Beard by Zanib Mian is a heartwarming tale about a child’s affection for his dad’s beard. Written as a first-person narrative, a little boy shares everything he loves about his dad’s beard including its scratchiness, its tickly feeling against his skin and that his sister grabs onto it when she is scared. Continue reading “Book Review: My Dad’s Beard”

Book Review: The One


Author: Manaal Jafrey-Razaque
Illustrator: Tanya Emelyanova
Publisher: Prolance
Pages: 32
Level: Picture Book
Recommended for: K-8

 The One is a cute, lyrical story written by first time children’s author, Manaal Jafrey-Razaque, which highlights the Names and Attributes of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alaa) for a young audience. Most children’s books aimed at teaching children the Names and Attributes of Allah, tend to be dry and straight to the point, without any consideration and/or adaptation for the young reader. This is not the case with The One. Continue reading “Book Review: The One”

Book Review: I’m So Angry!


Author: Sarah Javed
Illustrator: Yati Yusoff
 Publisher: Sarah’s Homeschool Publishing
 Pages: 25
Level: Picture Book


We’ve all been there. Continue reading “Book Review: I’m So Angry!”

Tips for Building your Book Collection


Being a book reviewer and an all-around children’s literature fan, I’ve picked up a few basic tips for building my book collection. Here are three tips for building your Muslim children’s and/or your general children’s literature collection. Continue reading “Tips for Building your Book Collection”

Book Review: Going to Mecca

Author: Naima B. Robert
Illustrator: Valentina Cavallini
 Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
 Pages: 32
Level: Picture Book

Going to Mecca is a children’s book showcasing the annual pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca. The author, Naima B. Roberts, is a celebrated author of children and youth literature. Some of her past titles include From Somalia, with Love, She wore Red Trainers and Ramadan Moon. Roberts’s works are so important, as they showcase the stories of communities which are largely absent from children’s literature.

Going to Mecca is written in an easy to follow, almost poetic prose, in which the reader is taken on a journey to fulfil the basic rites of the Hajj. Continue reading “Book Review: Going to Mecca”

Book Review: Adam to Zamzam (Islamic Phonics)


Title: Adam to Zamzam: Islamic Reader, Level 1
Author: Jamila Alqarnain & Karemah Alhark
Illustrator: Basheer Ahmed Al-Haqq
Publisher: Noon Publications
Pages: 27

Today, I have the privilege of reviewing Adam to Zamzam: Islamic Reader, Level 1. While home education is increasing in popularity among Muslim families, many families continue to rely on mainstream instructional materials. Too often, mainstream instructional materials can be quite exclusive, leaving out vocabulary and images that culturally diverse children can relate to. Continue reading “Book Review: Adam to Zamzam (Islamic Phonics)”

Review: The Shapes of Eid, According to Me


Title: The Shapes of Eid, According to Me Author: Samia Khan
Illustrator: Maria Ahmed
Publisher: Prolance
Pages: 28
Level: Picture Book

Another recent addition to the Eid-themed children’s literature is Samia Khan’s The Shapes of Eid, According to Me. The book is written in the voice of the central character, a little girl who narrates her excitement for the blessed day of Eid. The Shapes of Eid, According to Me explores common themes in Eid stories ranging from the sighting of the moon, to attending the mosque and of course, celebrating the blessed day with family. Continue reading “Review: The Shapes of Eid, According to Me”

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